Charging and Starting Systems

Keep your vehicle starting

It can be the smallest components in your vehicle that make the biggest difference. The starting and charging systems of your car are vital for supplying the power that moves everything from your engine to your power windows.

Signs that your charging and starting system needs some attention can vary. If you’re having trouble starting, your lights are a bit dim, some of your electrical accessories are on the blink, or maybe you’ve got the battery light come on your dashboard.

AJ Auto Electrical also offer routine checks of your charging and starting systems so you can get on top of any problems before they cause a breakdown. This is especially useful for work or fleet vehicles to avoid productivity losses.

Diagnose and repair charging and starter systems

AJ Auto Electrical are the experts in starting and charging systems.

They will give your starter and alternator a thorough testing, inspect your cables and other components, and identify any areas that are causing problems.

They will then advise you on the best options for repairing your vehicle, and carry out the repairs to a high standard, in good time.

AJ Auto Electrical are the people to see for charging and starting problems

Give Ray a call and discuss a time for your vehicle, or one of their nine mobile service vehicles can come to you.

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