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There’s a lot to be said for the modern technology underpinning today’s motor vehicles. Not only have innovations such as ABS braking, electronic stability control and airbags made the driving experience immeasurably safer, but technology has also led to positive advances in areas such as fuel efficiency and emission control.


However, the explosion of automotive technology can occasionally come at a price. Where once your average Joe could claim to have sufficient engineering know-how to fix most vehicle problems, today electronics frequently make that an impossibility.


That’s why you need the help of the experts on hand when it comes to all matters auto electrical. AJ Auto Electrical have decades of collective experience in dealing with the more complex side of your vehicle’s insides, and with purpose built new premises and a team of 10 friendly staff, can deal with any auto electrical problem, large or small.


After listening to customer feedback, AJ’s have specifically designed their new workshops to make life easier for everybody. Not only is there ample off-street parking for customer vehicles, but the workshops themselves are now configured in “drive-through” style, meaning that commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers can now drive in, and drive on out with a minimum of fuss. And from fuses to batteries to electrical faults of all kinds, AJ’s have it under control.


On the battery side, AJ’s are proud suppliers of Hella Endurant Batteries, which they believe are a quality product in an extremely competitive market. This product is backed up by the New Zealand-wide Battery Town network and excellent technical support. The cheapest battery is not always the best, with accurate starting and charging system diagnosis being very important.


There is also a large display of auto electrical parts at AJ’s, from terminals and fuses to tail and driving lights, work lights and trailer plugs. Huge developments continue to be made in the lighting field, with the improvement of LED lighting and powerful gas-discharge lighting.


Come on in and discuss your requirements and, if it’s not in AJ’s huge new store, there’s very little that’s not available overnight. So whether it’s that annoying breakdown, flat battery or a blown fuse, you can be assured of friendly, professional service at AJ’s, every time.


John, Alf and the team look forward to assisting you with your auto electrical requirements.